#TheDailyCreate1545: Don’t Be A Fool Today, Do a Serious Selfie

The (new) Daily Create  is a website based on a university digital media class that creates creative writing/ media assignments that have now become open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises. If one were to peruse the site, he or she would come to the conclusion that many exercises of TDC are arbitrary. TDC also provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day, as per its “About” tab.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow @ds106dc on Twitter. New assignments are posted each day at 5AM EST. The assignments will vary in mode– photography, drawing, audio, video, writing, and maybe an oddball one now and them.
  2. Once you’ve completed your assignment, follow the instructions on the Daily Create to reply via twitter. For your response to show up here you must include @ds106dc in your tweet as well as the tag specific for that day, e.g.#tdc1666.
  3. That’s it! It may take up to an hour for your response to show up here. NOTE: Your tweets will not show up if your account is protected; the API cannot access them.

TDC encourage you to challenge yourself to create something new each day instead of using older photos or videos. But there are no enforced rules- if you re-use media, think how you can make it new by re-editing them.

The assignments are designed to be quick to do and should not need any or much post-editing. Consider trying several different approaches to each assignments. Often your first instinct might not always be your best work. Experimentation is key, and as always, the one hard and fast rule is MAKE ART DAMMIT!”

Although TDC is primarily Twitter- geared, I decided to post an April Fool’s one to my English Studies in the Digital Age class entitled Don’t Be a Fool Today, Do a Serious Selfie.

FullSizeRender (2)

I chose to participate in this Daily Create for a variety of reasons. The first being that April Fools day has always been a day filled with me being caught unawares by jokes. April Fool’s essentially serves two comedic functions: 1. Harmless joking such as:

“You dropped your hanky”

“Your shoe’s untied”

“Your fridge is running? You better go catch it!”

and 2. The type of jokes that are so tasteless that they make you cry. I have had extensive personal experience with both the former and the latter. This serious selfie, which is rare for me considering that I feel compelled to always be smiling in photos, accurately describes how I feel when I’m the victim of those not-so-funny jokes. Who’s the April Fool then? You. The answer is you for your dumb, insensitive, unfunny jokes.

My second reason for choosing this particular Daily Create is the massive amount of influence that social media and photography have online. Just a selfie with the right, angle, lighting and expression can tell a user quite a bit about the poster. Here, you can see that I am not amused.

Luckily, TDC is amusing in that it offers up both funny and unfunny content. Check out the site for some of their other TDC, they put up new ones every day! Yo can also find my #TDC here on my writing Twitter page.



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